youre an architecture student if…

Copy paste.


Masyado akong natuwa dito sa list ni eferlein kaya ni-post ko rito.

Almost perfect na sana kaya lang, hindi ko pa (at wala kong balak) ma experience ang number 19. ^^


*photo courtesy of ryan sulit ^^



1. Coffee/Red bull is part of your midnight snack.

2. Whenever you ride the MRT/LRT, you can’t help but observe the roof plans of the houses below you.

3. When somebody tells you, “Ang ganda ng model!” you don’t think of a person.

4. You see everything in perspective and with vanishing points.

5. Your usual gimmick sessions have been reduced to about once a month.

6. To you, 2:00am is still very early.

7. You have a to-do list or a calendar filled with deadlines.

8. You know Rotring and Staedtler better than Miu Miu and Dorothy Perkins.

9. Whenever you’re in a public place, you hear yourself complaining about how wrongly-planned/designed the place is. “Ang sikip ng hallways”, “Dapat mas maraming bintana”, etc.

10. Whenever you’re taking the stairs, you can’t help but comment about the height of the steps or the size of the treads.

11. You set your alarm in order to inform yourself that “an hour has passed”.

12. Whenever you see shadows on the ground, you can’t help but imagine how hard it is to plot those things.

13. When you hear the word “scale”, you think of 1:100, 1:200, 1:300…

14. Champective is one of your hidden skills.

15. Whenever you’re doing your plate, and tomorrow is your deadline, you get annoyed when something really good is on the television.

16. You’ve lost track of what day it is.

17. People sometimes ask you why you are so “hyper”.

18. You can determine how many meters something is without actually measuring it.

19. You’d rather lose your purse than your pencil case.

20. When the rain gets you, you prefer to get yourself wet rather than your plate.

21. You have seen floor plans in your dreams.

22. To you, weekends mean “sleep”.

23. After being accustomed to Master, Berkeley and Bainbridge—those B&W illustration boards now seem so incredibly cheap to you.

24. Spending hundreds and hundreds of pesos on a single item is normal to you.

dagdag pa: (from

You’re not ashamed of drooling in class anymore, especially during Structures lectures

You think it’s possible to create space.

You’ve listened to all your CDs in less than 48 hours.

You’re not seen in public.

You become excellent at recycling when making models.

You take notes and leave messages with a rapidograph and colour markers.

You combine breakfast, lunch and dinner into one single meal.

You see holidays only as extra sleeping time.

You’ve realised that French curves are not that exciting.

You can use Photoshop, Illustrator and make a web page, but you don’t know how to use Excel.

hanggan kelan aabot ang listahan na to?


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14 Responses to youre an architecture student if…

  1. iceyelo ay nagsasabing:

    Parang naluluha ako sa post mo. Buti na lang hindi ako kumuha ng architecture. hehehe

    wei: ahehehe..mabuti na nga lang 🙂

  2. rain ay nagsasabing:

    so,architect k pla… prang auko n tuloy mg-shift sa archi… ampf…hehe…

    wei: pagkakaalam ko lahat naman ng courses may ‘hirap’ eh.. ^^, i’m studying architecture pero di pako architect ^^ salamat nga pala sa pagdaan n__n

  3. pEyt ay nagsasabing:

    kahit ako ayoko din maexperience yung no. 19…heheh…
    napadaan ulit ako sa blog mo..
    nice post…^_^
    wala ka ba jang pang ibang course??heheh

    wei: so far, wala pa…(parang may balak eh noh? hehe)i think we should leave it to those who had/have experience the same field that you have 😉

  4. camilleeee ay nagsasabing:

    sapol ako sa # 20!!! nyahaha

    like this post, kaka relate talaga ako.

    wui, link kita ha. sana ok lang 😉

    wei:hayy mahirap talaga kalaban si mother nature lalo na pag kasama mo pang naglalakad ang plate mo… sure.. link din kita 😉

  5. foobarph ay nagsasabing:

    meron bang list kung……

    you’re a law student if…… ^_^

    wei: ehehe… sige hanapin ko yung mga katropa ko dun ^^

  6. f i l l ay nagsasabing:

    dapat archi ang kurso ko noong kolehiyo kaso dahil ayaw ko ng nakasuot ng uniporme sa uste ay sa mapua ako napadpad, kaso nga lang naging engineering. yung kapatid archi student at madalas ay bangag siya sa puyat, i envy him.

    wei: mapa engineering, fine arts , ang alam ko lahat tayo umiinom ng kape…o kaya energy drink..goodluck saten. :D..heheh… magkakapatid tayong mga eng at archi kaya dont envy us pare 😀 salamat sa pagdaan 😀

  7. angel ay nagsasabing:

    wow.. a lahat ng to, buti nakakapag blog ka pa.. hehehe

    wei: thats what we call time management 😉

    ei salamat nga pala sa inyong pagbisita 😀

  8. randomdemeanor ay nagsasabing:

    nyahhhaakk…hiningal ako sa haba ng post mo na to ah!!! pero impurnes, i larrvee d lapis…es (plural form, heheh)..

    asteg talaga arkitektyur!

    wei: barkada ko kumuha nyan 😀

  9. eggbreaker ay nagsasabing:

    dude i can relate…frustrated arki me. planning to stud agen and continue what i’ve started.^_^

    wei: that’s good. Kahit ilang pam bu brutal gawin sayo ng prof mo, don’t forget to smile 😉 salamat sa pagdaan. blog mo? pasilip ^^

  10. eggbreaker ay nagsasabing:


    di ko makita blog mo eh 😦

  11. Bjarkov ay nagsasabing:

    well, kahit di pa q arki, madalas q nang mawala ung wala q!

    ayy! wag ka na mag wallet..ikalat mo na pera mo sa bulsa mo just in case 🙂

  12. Bjarkov ay nagsasabing:

    wallet pala sorry!

  13. neil dalanon ay nagsasabing:

    sipag mong magsulat. hehe keep it up!

    nga pala, archi din ako noon, before i decided na magshift sa creative writing. tama ‘yong list mo. the bottom line is: you have to be tough para makuha ‘yang degree na ‘yan. ako kasi hindi tough. haha!

    link ako sa’yo ha? ok lang? 🙂

    yes.. kailangan physical and emotional kang handa. haha! well well.. thank you sa pag daan! sure, exchange links tayo next yr. hehe… nahihirapan pako magbago ng blogroll eh.. tnx for dropping by 😉

  14. Jeff ay nagsasabing:

    Sapul ako sa no. 6! 😛

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