Ganja Goes Gengsteh..”fo shizzle?”

Found this in Ryan’s blog. Parehas kami ng pinagdadaanan huhuhu

7:20 am and still not sleeping. After almost 24 hours of non-stop ganja playing, rastafaric, reggae music (on repeat), just had to play something that doesnt say ‘ja, weed, or yo man! Thought i’d be gengsteh and play some T-mutherfuckin Pain.

*does gengsteh signs with my fingers and poses*

to my god, bob marley, im sorry. haha
(seriously, i need help sleep)

Church by T-Pain featuring Teddy Verseti ain’t half bad.

“Damm, You think you cool, you think im not, you think you tough
Damm, you think you hard, you think im soft, you think you rough
Damm,You talkin’ shit, betta close your lips, you need to hush
Before the end of the night im gon’ have to take your ass to church”

ya huuuuuuurd?!

yeaaa im so whack right now, like fuck, i wanna get me some ho’s, id be pimpin wit ma 24 inch rims, ride in ma esca-laaaaaaaade, we be drinking hennesy in ma crib… now thats ghengsteh rightt thuuuuur!!! fo reazzle! ungh!! gimme some love foo!! represent, represent!

what the fuck did i just say?

fo shizzle ma nizzle?

this is total nonsense. Carlos Agassi must be proud.


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10 Responses to Ganja Goes Gengsteh..”fo shizzle?”

  1. Geisha ay nagsasabing:

    ano buzzzzz πŸ˜€ gud day wei :d na miss kita.. πŸ˜†

    wei: ahehehe..miss din kita ^^

  2. linglingbells ay nagsasabing:

    pucha! nakita ko ang pangalan ni steroid dito! pucha talaga!

    wei: hahaha! steroid πŸ˜†

  3. Prinsipe ng Pangarap! ay nagsasabing:

    kamustahin naman hahaha! gengstah paradise??? nyahahahahaha!

    wei: fuck that paradise yow!

  4. Maldito ay nagsasabing:

    indi ko maintindhan eh…gangstah?hmmm….break it down yoh!

    wei: hehe..congrats pare..parehas tayo..wahahaha!! yow!

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  6. tol, anu nangyari sayo? peram cd..wala ako mapakinggan sa apt ko…

    wei:eto..nagpapaka yow yow na πŸ˜†

  7. beero ay nagsasabing:

    fo shizzle ma nizzle? – ano raw? hehe

    haha πŸ˜† haven’t heard that song yet. pero LOW ang una kong pini-play sa media player pagdating ko sa opis. medyo ok naman sa kin ang LOW. hehe. at binago mo pala pangalan ni T-Pain. lols! i like it.

    wei: pakinggan mo..babangungutin ka…hahahah

  8. miguel ay nagsasabing:

    crips or bloods? πŸ™‚

    wei: bloods πŸ˜€

    hey..salamat sa mo naman..pasilip ^__^

  9. gasti ay nagsasabing:

    mga negro lang ang kayang kumanta nyan..haha! ikaw ba yan andrew e?

    wei: hindi po..ako po to si gloc 9

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