basket of stars

I just remember I had a blog when my 11 yr old cousin shared to me that she is writing a novel at wattpad! haha! its about romance…and she’s been bugging me this whole holiday on how she can play the characters. Malay ko ba dun? haha. But, for the sake of bonding, I gave her plot ideas that she agreed.

I am already 28.

Its good that my entries are still here. Parang old photos lang– yun nga lang, mas madetalye ang pagsusulat kasi, sinasabi nya ung feeling at moments mo.Ang saya kasi halata din sa mga entries ko kung pinipilit ko na lang maging masaya or I make fun of the negative issues. Wala lang. Mema lang. Haha.

Bad part is that, I cannot tell my adventures through writing now. Masaya ako after I wrote my previous post.( hello y! )Mahirap na masaya. I reached the peak of my profession now. And I am already grateful that God gave me a chance to design and build and prove to anyone that I am great-if not the

Maybe if I could write again and tell you my story on how and what I did, I will get back to this blog again.

For now, I am thankful that my blog serves me as my time capsule, a gentle reminder of my past self.

also, thanks to those who care to comment when I am in my panic blog post. It helps me a lot-mga 10%. lol.



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  1. Aling Baby ay nagsasabing:

    hello wei! 🙂

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